The winery

Who are Přátelé Pavlova?

My name is Pavel Müller. Although I come from both a different field and region, I founded a winery in Pavlov, South Moravia, which I named after the people who love Pavlov, because we most definitely do! My wife Inka would like to say more about me:

Pavel has a varied career background and is the type of person that, on setting out to do something, goes absolutely all in. Whether this be athlete, lawyer, furniture maker, HEMS pilot or, as he is now, winemaker. He’s the one who brings a sense of direction and order to things. His decisive mind understands how to follow the signs and get straight to the heart of the matter.
He is a patriot who believes both in God and the roots of plants, people, and family. A passionate sportsman and amateur cook, yet also a connoisseur of alcohol and tobacco. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and has little patience for small talk, bureaucracy, or the institutions of state.

And what about the winery…

I consider its original establishment to be the planting of a vineyard in 2011 under the main Pálava massif – characteristically, it was from the Pálava grape variety. In the following years the vineyards have gradually increased, and the result now is 6 hectares of our own vineyards, which we farm organically. Most of them are located in the U Božích Muk vineyard. We make our wines from white and blue grape varieties. We mainly focus on Pálava, Welschriesling, and Pinot Blanc but we have also recently planted Müller Thurgau. When it comes to red wine, we combine cabernets with other varieties, resulting in a tasty cuvée.

Our seal confirms our approach to growing vines and making wine. For us, it’s all about the combination of wisdom with expertise.
But the proof is in the tasting. Why not contact us to arrange a wine tasting at our winery, wine cellar, or while strolling through our vineyards?

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